KMDA chooses Uptime-as-a-Service

The Royal Society for Zoology of Antwerp VZW – in short: KMDA – is the umbrella organisation for Antwerp ZOO, Planckendael, the Serpentarium in Blankenberge, nature reserve De Zegge in Geel  and the Queen Elisabeth hall. Besides this, KMDA is involved in scientific research and nature projects. For KMDA maximal uptime and a high level of performance are a must.

Nucleus - KMDA

Nucleus - KMDA - Uptime as a service

The challenge: maximal uptime and optimal performance

KMDA has many websites, internal platforms and cashier and ticketing systems. It is a complex and demanding ICT department. To manage this all, KMDA employs four people in ICT. “We realise that is not a large team”, says Kristof Van Bouwel ICT Manager for KMDA. “That is why we look for trustworthy partners we can rely on. We have all facets of a normal office environment and also the typical commercial aspects. Because of the different domains we work in, high performance and guaranteed uptime is essential to us.”

Our solution: Uptime-as-a-Service

KMDA uses Nucleus Uptime-as-a-Service. This means that they can count on managed cloud servers with maximal cloud security. The management, maintenance and permanent monitoring of the entire KMDA-infrastructure is fully taken care of by Nucleus. This implies maximal performance, security on all levels and 24/7 local support.

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The result: maximal uptime & performance

In the past KMDA developed their websites together with different web builders, that included hosting in the contract. This had a couple of downsides: many different contracts, complex website management and different levels of performance. “When we made the switch to Nucleus, we didn’t need to worry about any of these things anymore”, states Kristof Van Bouwel. “All existing websites where transferred to a cloud environment, completely managed by Nucleus. We have uptime guarantees and get optimal performance, so we can focus on our core business. For us, Uptime-as-a-Service is a perfect concept!”

Nucleus - KMDA - Kristof Van Bouwel “Our partnership with Nucleus has been going strong for over 10 years. In that period of time we have experienced many changes, and our websites and online shops have evolved drastically. These put the scalability of what Nucleus has to offer to good use. Additionally, their fast and amazing support strengthens our partnership. They inform us about possible challenges in advance, often before we can think of them ourselves. Above all, Nucleus’ engineers are proactive and make suggestions on a regular base to become even more performant.” Kristof Van Bouwel, ICT Manager at KMDA

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