The challenge: ability to absorb peaks and proactive service

Because of the success of the festival the website had to cope with ever increasing numbers of visitors. The announcement of the program and the start of the ticket sales are moments our website has a huge amount of visitors. Because the website is so crucial, Inventis, the company that developed the website, suggested to call on the hosting specialist Nucleus.

Graspop Nucleus helps us to optimally communicate with metal fans all across the world. Our website is permanently available. The advice and the proactive and fast service given by Nucleus make the difference for us. Johan Daems, webcoördinator

The solution: Uptime-as-a-service

In order to absorb the big peaks, Nucleus built a setup with load balancing, multiple webservers and a robust database. The load balancer catches all traffc and distributes it intelligently across the two webservers. That way the website remains online regardless of the amount of visitors and (unexpected) peaks can be absorbed.