Domain names are nothing but air?

Last week Minister Johan Vandelanotte claimed that domain name sellers are making super-profits by selling ‘hot air’. Just as if phone numbers in the […]

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Pimping the office

Since January the Nucleus Geeks have moved into the new office on the ground floor. The interior designers of Project Atelier have done a […]

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Varnish logo - Nucleus cloud hosting

What is Varnish and what can it do for me?

Varnish is not only something you use to protect wood, it’s also a tool to make your website superfast and a piece of software […]

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Antwerp, June 4th 2013 –, the public service of the government, which has a mission to provide the Belgian populous, corporations and organizations […]

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Nucleus introduces Security-as-a-Service with Trend Micro Deep Security

Secured Cloud offer based on a license model Nucleus, Belgian expert in online hosting of infrastructure and applications, integrates Deep Security by Trend Micro, […]

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Why choose a Cloud Server Let's have a look under the hood.

At Nucleus we can take care of all your server needs. Webhosting,virtual private servers, colocation, consultancy … it’s all available to you. One of […]

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Continuous integration en deployment met Bamboo

At Nucleus we have, besides a lot of servers in our data centers, a number of fairly complex software systems we develop ourselves. Besides […]

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Death of a hard drive

Hard drives sometimes break or need replacing. What happens to those disks? Because, let’s not forget, they still contain bits and bytes that mustn’t […]

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Nucleus kanooh persbericht hosting samenwerking

Nucleus hosts kañooh, a Drupal-as-a-service for the Flemish government

At the end of last year the Flemish government decided to start up Kañooh or Drupal As-a-Service. The idea was, and still is, to […]

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Using Memcached: who, what, where?

To developers the term ‘Memcached’ will be a familiar one. For many it is already a standard part of their application. For those who […]

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Ebook Uptime

eBook: How much is downtime costing your company?

Do you know what it costs you when your website or online applicatie is unavailable? Is downtime as bad as everyone says? And can you reach 100% uptime?

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Case studies
Graspop Case

Nucleus helps Graspop Metal Meeting to absorb peak moments online

Because of the success of the festival the website had to cope with ever increasing numbers of visitors.

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