always on thanks to Nucleus

At the beginning of November the website was launched. The OFF ON campaign was created by the Ministers of Energy together with Elia, […]

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Why are communities so important to Nucleus?

PHPBenelux, , Puppet and Zabbix community, Neo4J, Domain Driven Design, Varnish, … We’ve supported them all and we’ve received them all. Do we do […]

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VPS is dead, long live Open Cloud!

Nucleus no longer offers Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Technology keeps evolving and we like to jump on the bandwagon when better solutions arrive on […]

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Ebook Uptime

eBook: How much is downtime costing your company?

Do you know what it costs you when your website or online applicatie is unavailable? Is downtime as bad as everyone says? And can you reach 100% uptime?

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Case studies
Nucleus - KMDA - Uptime as a service

KMDA – Uptime-as-a-Service

KMDA uses Nucleus Uptime-as-a-Service. This means that they can count on managed cloud servers with maximal cloud security. The management, maintenance and permanent monitoring of the entire KMDA-infrastructure is fully taken care of by Nucleus. Read the complete case here!

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Nucleus case - Antum - Uptime-as-a-Service

Case Antum - Uptime-as-a-Service

Antum, an IT-company based in Mechelen, launched an innovative online identification tool. The AntumID identifies people, without compromising their privacy. Antum uses Nucleus’ managed cloud servers with maximal cloud security.

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Graspop Case

Nucleus helps Graspop Metal Meeting to absorb peak moments online

Because of the success of the festival the website had to cope with ever increasing numbers of visitors.

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