Comply with international standards

In accordance with international standards, your second location should at least be 40 kilometres away from your main site. Both locations must also be completely independent from each other in terms of network connections and power supply.

A number of additional factors contribute to our powerful multi-datacenter solutions.

Nucleus has four datacenters at its disposal located in Antwerp and Nossegem (the main locations), Diegem and Zaventem. In the two main locations, we manage our own server room.

Next to the connections between the various datacenters, a connection with your location is also possible. We offer different solutions for it.

Our datacenters are connected through a redundant dark fibre ring, via a redundant 10 Gig Ethernet connection. As a result, a single logical network is formed throughout the datacenters.

Business Continuity
Business Continuity is a collective term for all actions that we take in order to safeguard continuity. In this manner, everything continues to operate or can be started up again as quickly as possible in the event of a problem or a calamity.

What can we do for you?

  • Maximum uptime via a complete deduplication of your infrastructure
  • High-quality, secure and certified datacenter
  • A state-of-the-art dark fibre network with an extended range of connectivity
  • Business Continuity solutions specifically adapted to your needs
  • Tailor-made advice before, during and after each project
  • Flexible and local service provision

Nucleus - Multidata center solutions

Nucleus - Uptime as a Service

Our strengths

  • High-quality solutions
  • Valuable tailor-made advice
  • Fierce and transparent guarantees
  • An ISO 27001 certification for data security
  • Years of experience in the field of hosting
  • All servers are hosted in Belgium
  • An independent, financially healthy and growing company
  • Transparent, honest and proactive communication