Corporate social responsibility

We know that we as a company have an impact on society and the environment. We strive to make this impact as positive as possible, by operating our company in a socially responsible manner. We believe in respect and sustainability on all levels.

Respect for people

We really value the Nucleus family. Our employees and customers form a large part of our true capital. Therefore, we do not hesitate to fully invest in them.

We support our employees in their personal and professional development, while we strive to strike a healthy balance between work and private life. We pay attention to a good atmosphere at work by providing a pleasant workplace and numerous team activities.

We support our customers with high-quality solutions and services. We communicate in an honest, correct and transparent manner; we are flexible and offer high-quality solutions and services.

Respect for the environment

Our ambition is to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. That’s why we search for methods to consume less electricity. After all, the most sustainable kilowatt-hour is still the one you do not consume.

Each selected device is tested against this basic rule. Moreover, we demand from our suppliers that the delivered electricity is generated by sustainable, renewable sources.

Socially involved

Of course, it is our objective as an enterprise to turn a profit. Because it allows us to innovate, and to remain financially healthy in the long run. This is in the interest of our customers and our employees.

We consciously choose to run our business in an ethical and sustainable manner. We see ourselves as “do-gooders”. Not only by offering excellent hosting solutions, but also by actively supporting various charities and by stimulating our employees to be an active part of society.

We strongly believe in the power of partnerships. A lot of our customers are  partners too and enjoy some interesting benefits.